Hi, I’m AJ Deysel, and welcome to my gunroom.

I am the writer, shooter and gun freak behind Tactec. I am a competitive precision rifle shooter with an aim to document my experience competing in the Precision Rifle Series, NRL Hunter league and a few other rifle shooting matches. I am also a passionate hunter, and have been hunting since I was 6 years old.

I launched Tactec.com in 2016 with the aim of documenting my learning process, the gear I and other fellow shooters use, the firearms we use and techniques to improve our shooting. What started as a one-man passion project has grown into a online gun destination with writers and shooters from across the globe contributing.

I still help many shooters with reloading, shooting and rifle set up advice personally, so much so that I hardly have time to focus on my own. But, teaching others and helping them solve problems is my passion, so even though I try to get all the information up on this website so they can just read it here, I simply get excited and help when people ask.

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